When we first met Alex and Nicol, we wanted to rent a drone for a roadmovie in Canada. After few meetings they told us that they would use a help with their future website and so our collaboration started.

At the end we created the whole identity for them.

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dronpro webdesign

So first we started with a logo

What would best describe a creative drone company? After many ideas we fell in love with the propeller which also makes the initials DP.

dronpro logo
dronpro logo explication

web & eshop

The next step was to create a complex, yet "easy to navigate in"
website and eshop.

dronpro webdesign dronpro webdesign dronpro webdesign dronpro webdesign

There are three kinds of news:
Facebook, Instagram and Custom.

Facebook and Instagram news are integrated with DronPro social accounts, so everytime they post a status or a photo, it automaticaly shows on the webpage.

Or they can create a custom one in the CMS.

dronpro webdesign news

Some products are available both for buying and renting.

So we made two profiles for each of those products. After hovering the item, you can choose whether you want to buy or to rent it.

dronpro webdesign product hover

When renting a product you can easily manage the time and select what accesories you will need.

dronpro webdesign popup

Last minute changes - when you change your mind about the time of the rental or number of the products, you can change it in the basket without returning to the product page.

dronpro webdesign basket

One of the last tasks for the web was to manage a photo shooting for the pages Careers and About us.

dronpro photo
Alexandr Novotný
Alexandr Novotný CSO
Eva Dedíková
Eva Dedíková Creative Graphic Designer
Nikola Dedíková
Nikola Dedíková CEO
Pavel Jaroš
Pavel Jaroš Pilot & Drone Expert

And thats it.

Now the website is finished and online, we will be gathering feedback from analytics and real users and then improving the experience.

Check it online:

Apart from logo and web we've been working on the whole identity.

R223 G74 B67

C3 M87 Y77 K0

R26 G23 B23

C71 M68 Y65 K79

dronpro typography
dronpro business cards dronpro identity

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